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          Create value and serve the society

          NR Electric Co.,Ltd



          Protection, Automation & Control

          HVDC & FACTS

          Renewable & Microgrid

          Protection,Automation & Control

          Built upon decades' of research and development excellence with field proven application experience in power system. NR's intelligent PAC with ease of use and utility to make deployment, operation and maintenance of protection systems as smart, flexible and reliable as possible.

          Protection&Control Digital Substation Automation Phasor Measurement MORE

          HVDC & FACTS

          NR trendsetting field proven HVDC and FACTS solutions to solve reliability and efficiency problems in power system. Efficient bulk transmission of electricity over long span for special purpose of application by HVDC links that are justified based on combination of technical, economic and environmental advantages. NR is also reforming the conveyance of AC power over prolong ranges with flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) by improving voltage stability, grid reliability and energy security.


          Renewable & Microgrid

          NR values environmentally friendly and renewable energy projects. The strength of NR’s renewable energy generation solutions is based on our deep knowledge of electrical grids and over twenty years of experience as a key power system solutions provider. NR fully protects your renewable energy station and makes your renewable energy system as effective as possible.

          PV & Wind Power Grid-Connection Battery Energy Storage System Microgrid Static Frequency Converter MORE


          NR is a leading original equipment manufacturer(OEM)solution provider to improve the stability, reliability, efficiency and environmental friendliness of power system around the world. We supply reliable OEM EPC solution for utility, renewable generation and industrial customers world-wide.



          NR experienced system analysis team can provide system analysis and technical consultation for both planned and operating power grids, helping to realize the economic and reliable operation of grids.

          Pre-planning and system studies

          Scheme optimization: from design to delivery



          NR provides full maintenance services that include equipment testing and commissioning, trouble shooting, equipment repairs & replacement. Through our preventive maintenance at highest technical level, the maximum availability and operational security are highly assured and also a big relief of customer’s own maintenance resources. Quick and efficient replacement services minimize production downtime and ensure your critical assets to operate at their full potential.



          NR Electric training center keeps the charge of the trainings for our clients as well as for the employees. We realize the needs and demands of our customers in the fields of our solutions and products, accordingly develop the training program to fit the requirements of our clients. We have a professional trainer team and also provide various training forms/programs/certifications for our clients. Every year over 5000 electrical engineers are trained in NR training center.


          ? Copyright NR Electric Co., Ltd. 2001-2019. All Rights Reserved.

          Headquarter Kenya UK Nigeria Indonesia Hongkong Zambia Ethiopia Kazakhstan Viet Nam Philippines Cote d'Ivoire Ecuador India

          • NR Electric Co., Ltd.

            Add:69 Suyuan Avenue, Nanjing 211102, Jiangsu

            Tel:+86 25 8717 8888

            Fax:+86 25 8717 8999

            Email:NRservices@nrec.com, NRsales@nrec.com

          • NR Electric – Kenya office
            NR Electric (Kenya) Representative Office & TSC

            Add:C1, Crest Park, Denis Print,Nairobi,Kenya

            Tel:+254 799574669


          • NR Electric - UK Subsidiary
            NR Electric UK Limited

            Add:Unit 10 Woodrow Business Centre,Irlam, M44 6NN, United Kingdom

            Tel:+44 (0) 1614375947;
            +44 (0)7979681591


          • NR Electric – Nigeria Subsidiary
            NR Electric Nigeria Co., Ltd.

            Add:E3B, Salatu Royal Estate, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II. Abuja, Nigeria

            Tel:+234 7030561235 (Nigeria);
            +86 15195878225 (China)


          • NR Electric – Indonesia Subsidiary
            NR Electric Jakarta

            Add:F Square – Komplek Pergudangan Taman Tekno, F1/FB Jl Taman Tekno Widya,BSD, Tangerang Selatan. 15314 Indonesia

            Tel:+62 21 7567 2445


          • NR Electric – HK Subsidiary
            NR Electric International Co., Ltd.

            Add:Unit C, 7/F, Ford Glory Plaza, 37-39 Wing Hong Street, Cheung Sha Wan Kowloon, Hong Kong

            Tel:+852 23703773

            Fax:+852 27439555


          • NR Electric – Zambia Office
            NR Electric (Zambia) Representative Office & TSC

            Add:Plot NO.6953 Millennium Village (Villa 19),Longacres Lusake, Zambia

            Tel:+260 96 9498326


          • NR Electric - Ethiopia Office
            NR Electric (Ethiopia) Representative Office & TSC

            Add:Bole Sub City in Front of Rwanda Embassy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

            Tel:+251 933923101


          • NR Electric – Kazakhstan Office
            NR Electric (Kazakhstan) Representative Office & TSC

            Add:?аза?стан,астана ханов Керей и Жанибек, д.18 офис ?307

            Tel:+7 702 3688159


          • NR Electric - Viet Nam Office
            NR Electric (Viet Nam) Representative Office & TSC

            Add:5th floor, CDC Building, 25 Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi, Vietnam

            Tel:+84 24 32202069

            Fax:+84 24 32202069


          • NR Electric – Philippines Office
            NR Electric (Philippines) Representative Office & TSC

            Add:1408, Raffles Corporate Center,F. Ortigas JR. Rd, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1605, Metro Manila, Philippines

            Tel:+632 8692 6960;
            +632 5310 2336

            Fax:+632 5310 2336


          • NR Electric – Cote d'Ivoire office
            NR Electric (Cote d'Ivoire) Representative Office & TSC

            Add:Bietry Zone 4 C non loin de la pharmacie perussia à l'immeuble NAJCO, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

            Tel:+225 68126320 (Cote d'Ivoire);
            +86 18013801739(China)


          • NR Electric – Ecuador Subsidiary
            NREC ECUADOR S.A.


            Tel:+593 989786597 (Ecuador);
            +86 13814085367 (China)


          • NR Electric – India Subsidiary
            NR Energy Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

            Add:Plot No. 96 & 97, Ajivali Village, Opp. Navkar Logistics,Old Mumbai Pune Highway,Panvel – 410221 (Maharashtra)

            Tel:+91-2143-239278?/ 79


          Headquarter Subsidiary
          Sales Representative Office and Technical Service Center

          ? Copyright NR Electric Co., Ltd. 2001-2020. All Rights Reserved.

          ? Copyright NR Electric Co., Ltd.
          2001-2020. All Rights Reserved.

          About us Service & Support Company Training Contact Us

          Solutions Power Generation Transmission System Distribution Network Industrial Consumer

          Products Protection,Automation&Control FACTS HVDC Renewable & Microgrid

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